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The new term will begin indoors on November 1st.  The class runs from 6:30 to 9:30 with individual set up/warm up followed by two rehearsal blocks from 7 to 8 and 8:15 to 9:15.  We will be meeting in the concert hall where we can distance and PPE is mandatory.  The cost is $85.  If you are not returning until January or later you can still register using this link.  The district is asking that a credit card be used for all registrations.

You can register here:  https://www.sanjuan.edu/site/default.aspx?PageID=51866

You can also register in person at these two locations:

Sunrise Tech Center
7322 Sunrise Blvd.
Citrus Heights, CA  95610

Creekside Adult Center
2641 Kent Drive
Sacramento, 95821


2020-2021 Music Folders

  • Betty Steinbach

  • Nancy Bibby*
  • Jane Boon
  • Susan Desper
  • Jane Fanucci
  • Linda Powell
  • Betty Steinbach
  • Nicole Wilson

  • Carol Andrews
  • Vicki Carlson
  • Heather Giroux
  • Patty Howard
  • Ann Kerr
  • Phil Kram
  • Jessica Schneider
  • Vic Spahn*+
  • DeLonn Stern
  • John Woodhouse

    Bass Clarinet
  • Rhoda McFarland+
  • Aprille Osborne-Maginness

  • Lynn Fowler
  • Karen Hung*
  • Jack Miller
    Alto Sax
  • Norman Hill*
  • Jennifer Mitzman
  • James Moon
  • Richard Murdock Sr
  • Barbara Reimers
  • Wayne Reimers

    Tenor Sax
  • Ryan Olah
  • Kevin Sabo
  • Mario Sandoval
  • Megan Smith

    Baritone Sax
  • Bob Allshouse
  • Kerry Zinn

  • Jean Angel
  • Les Corbin*
  • William Fellers
  • Rudy Frausto
  • Bill Parker
  • Kent Ravenscroft
  • James Simpson

  • Richard Ashby
  • William Au
  • Ellen Green
  • Mark Perry*
    French Horn
  • Brigid Burdock
  • Dawn David*
  • Sue Forster
  • Gregg Rasmussen

  • Kene Fox
  • Aaron Steinbach
  • Charles Newcomb
  • Nathan Paulson

    String Bass
  • Mark Severeid

  • Paula Newcomb

  • Chris Hills
  • Jill Somers*
  • Sandra Wood

  • Grant Parker

    Guest Conductor
  • Mica Dugan (Fall 2019)
* section leader
+ founding member

Band Council
President: Jill Somers
Vice PresidentlLabrarian/SVSBA:: Karen Hung
Treasurer/Personnel: Les Corbin
Secretary/Load Master: Norm Hill
Stage Mgr/Recruitment/Snacks: Dawn David
Library: Bill Parker
Program/Personnel: Bob Allshouse
Band Shirts: Patty Howard
Website: Grant Parker

The Sacramento Concert Band is an adult education class of the member of the San Juan Unified School District, is a member of The Sacramento Valley Symphonic Band Association and the Association of Concert Bands. Grant Parker, Director

Jill Somers, Council President

Grant Parker, Website Updates