Baritone Sax

Bob Allshouse

BobMy musical journey is very muchc like a lot of community band members I have met. When my family moved to Ogden, Utah, just before I started 7th grade, my father bought me a Sears Silvertone trumpet and arranged private lessons. I played trumpet through Jr and Sr High School (and briefly dabbled in a few other instruments for fun). Once college days came, playing was abandoned for other important activities like school, work, and marriage. I sold my horn (the Silvertone had been replaced by an Olds Mendez by the time). Then life got busy with work, school, and family. After a few decades (more than most, but not as many as some), I started talking about picking up a horn again ... a baritone, since I knew I wasn't going to be able to manage a trumpet embouchure. My lovely wife got tired of hearing me talking about it, so for Christmas 2011 she rented me a baritone saxophone and arranged for lessons. Although strange at the time, it turns out that was a good choice of instruments for me. Seven months later I talked with Grant about my playing ability and he encouraged me to come contribute where I could. Since that time I have played with other community bands, subbed for others, and am playing in a saxophone quartet, but I consider Sacramento Concert Band as my home band.