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Nico Peruzzi

Nico got his start with music playing violin and piano in elementary school. Around middle school age, he decided he was done with music and left it behind. However, a few years later, he was sucked back in. He ended up joining marching band in high school, playing a variety of brass and percussion insturments over his time there. After high school, he attended University of the Pacific, where he earned a bachelors and masters degree in music education. During that time he began marching drum corps. He spent three years with the Sacramento Mandarins and another three years with the Concord Blue Devils as a bariton/trombone player. Today he works as a band and orchestra director at Rosemont High School as well as instructor with the Immortal Winds. He also does freelance work as a gigging musician and a composer/arranger for marching bands.