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Hello Fellow Musicians, Welcome!

Click here to download your 2020 MUSIC FOLDER M.

Please be sure to read: Syllabus and Important Info 2019-2020


Mica Dugan (fall) e-mail mdugan@gtusd.orgGrant Parker (spring) (916) 204-0990 e-mail
Symphonic Band section 64051-SY20
Location: Rio Americano High School, Room: M1, Monday 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.
Fee: $110 per school year
Check payable to SJUSD or online registration

Catalogue Description: We welcome those who have played an instrument and wish to have fun continuing their band experience. We perform a variety of music from classics to pop. Performances include formal indoor settings and outdoor casual park concerts. Class enrolls new students throughout the year based on space and interest. Class meets at Rio Americano High School in the Band Room most Monday evenings from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. (Downbeat is at 7:15)

Fee/Scholarships: Fall registration is $110 for the year. For new members joining in the spring, registration is $55 PROVIDED that the band has 47 members currently enrolled. If you cannot afford the registration fee please contact Mica or Grant as there may be scholarship money available to cover part or all of the registration fee.

Qualifications: No audition is required. Sections may be chaired. We have many members who have returned to playing after a break of 20 or even 40 years. A love of music, a desire to produce quality sounding music and the ability to contribute are all that is necessary.

Rehearsals: Rehearsals start in late August and end early in June. There is a break after the December concert, and rehearsals resume the second Monday in January. There are no rehearsals on school holidays unless announced. The room opens at 6:30 pm for set up and warm up. Please be warmed up and ready to play by 7:15. There will be a fifteen minute break near 8:30, and rehearsals end at 9:30. Dress rehearsal downbeat is at 7:00 and may last until 10:00.
School holidays and non instructional days for 2019-2020 are:

  • September 2: Labor Day
  • November 11: Veteran's Day observed
  • November 25: Thanksgiving week, we will rehearse if we can use the room
  • December 16: No rehearsal (day after concert-music sorting)
  • January 6: Non instructional day
  • January 20: Martin Luther King
  • February 17: Presidents' Day
  • March 16: Non instructional day
  • April 6: Spring Break
  • May 25: Memorial Day
  • June 1/8: Last day (we may not rehearse after Park Festival)


  • February 24 and March 2, rehearsals are at El Camino High School, Guest Conducted by Gabriel Read.
    El Camino HS is at 4300 El Camino Avenue, at the corner of El Camino and Eastern Avenue

Attendance: Prompt consistent attendance and positive participation in class is expected and is essential for musical success. As a skills acquisition class, work/musical experiences cannot be made up, and absences affect the balance and blend for the other musicians.

Absences: Please email the director and section leader. Please work to find a substitute if possible. For last minute illness, please call or text the director. Please make your music available for the rehearsal. If you are missing a performance, please work to have a substitute in place for the final two rehearsals.

Rehearsal Hall: It is important that we leave the facility in a state where it is easy to start rehearsal on Tuesday mornings. Please leave 3 full racks of stands and 3 chair racks with 15 chairs against the west wall of the building. The 4th rack goes in the hall and the 4th chair rack goes into the storage room across the hall. If you move any piece of equipment please put it back where you found it. The baby grand piano can be left against the wall. Water is the only beverage allowed in the rehearsal room. Food at break must stay in the hallway or outside. If you leave crumbs, please pick them up and put them in the garbage can.

Etiquette: With limited rehearsal time, please place your phone in silent mode during rehearsals. Do not hold social conversations until break time. Please do not talk about the music when the music is cut off so that you and others can hear the information being given by the director. Please socialize during our 15 minute break, before rehearsal, and after rehearsal. Please do not play your instrument during break; that is the time to socialize! Our primary purpose at rehearsal is to improve our musical performance. Do everything you can to help us have good rehearsals and great performances.

Public Performances: You will be notified at least four weeks in advance of all performances, and more notice than that will be given whenever possible. There is a fall concert in early December (formal), a spring concert in May (formal), a park festival concert in the first weekend in June (informal), and the Adult Education ceremony in mid-June (informal). Other performances may be added. Keep an eye on the SCB website for updates.

Scheduled Concerts
Call time is one hour before the concert.

  • Sunday, December 15th, 2:30 pm at Rio Americano High School (formal)
  • Sunday, May 17th, 2:30 pm at Rio Americano High School (formal)
  • Monday, May 25th, 10 am - tentative at Home of Peace Cemetery (informal) 6200 Stockton Blvd (at El Paraiso Ave.)
  • Saturday, June 6, TBA at Carmichael Park Band Festival (informal)
  • Thursday, June 11, 7 pm at Citrus Heights Community Cente (informal) for San Juan Adult Education Graduation

Performance Dress
Dress black. Men in black tuxes, black bow tie, black socks and shoes with white shirt. A tux can be simulated with black jacket, white shirt, black slacks, and black bow tie. Women in all black (no colored sequins or accessories) or a women's tux. Think symphony formal, so covered shoulders and long skirt length or dress slacks. The December concert my include optional holiday accents.
Informal: Blue shirt (band provided) and black slacks. Let the librarian know if you need a shirt at least two weeks before the performance. If you have the newer shirt, that is the one you must wear to performances.

Music and Folders: Music in folders comes from several libraries, and some is not owned by the band. It is important that this music is returned at the end of each season or if you leave the band. Music may not be taken home until you have recorded which folder is assigned to you for the season and are registered for the class. You are encouraged to lightly make rehearsal markings IN PENCIL ONLY. Please erase all markings at the end of the season or as we finish with each piece. Music is distributed to section leaders at the beginning of the season and during rehearsals by the librarian. Please take your folder home to practice or leave it in the music box at the back of the room if you will be unable to do so. Please be certain that your music is at rehearsal should you need to be absent so that your part can be covered. At the final concert of each season it is IMPERATIVE that you leave your folder with the librarian. The librarian cannot return borrowed music if your part is missing.

Band Council
The Band Council supports the band and band director by taking on some of the organizational responsibilities. The council meets on Mondays as needed at 6 pm prior to rehearsal. Check the website for the next meeting date. Minutes will be posted in the members section of the website. The council is elected by the band each fall and elects their officers at the first meeting following that election. Elected officers are Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. Other positions may be held by board members or by band members not on the council including:

  • Webmaster - maintain and update the SCB website: Mark Perry
  • Personnel Director - class registration: Les Corbin
  • Loadmaster - responsible for getting equipment to and from concerts: Norman Hill
  • Stage Manager - responsible stage setup at concerts: Dawn David
  • Communication - mass e-mails, band database, website liason: Bob Allshouse
  • Band shirts - Provides blue shirt for informal concerts: Delon Stern
  • Librarian - provides music on site at Rio and maintains SCB library storage: Susan Desper (on site) Bill Parker (at library)
  • Publicity - publicizes SCB performances: Delon Stern and Lnda Powell
  • Rehearsal snacks - Dawn David (band members make donations to fund this)

Section Leaders
Section Leaders are appointed by the director and do not have to be the principal player in a section. They provide support to the players in a section and help with communication. Section leaders can work with section members to help find a substitute for rehearsals or concerts. Please contact your section leader and the director if you are going to miss a rehearsal or concert.

  • Flute: Nancy Bibby
  • Clarinet: Vic Spahn
  • or: John Woodhouse
  • Harmony WW: Karen Hung
  • Saxophone: Norman Hill
  • Trumpet: Les Corbin
  • French Horn: Dawn David
  • Low Brass: Richard Ashby
  • Percussion: Jill Somers

Our standard communication methods are 1) announcements during rehearsals, 2) postings in the members area of the website and 3) email notices.

Website -
Our website is maintained by webmaster Mark Perry. Concert information for the public will be posted on the main page. There is a non-password member area (thispage) that contains the link to register for the class.

The Directors

Mica Dugan will conduct the band this fall while Grant is on leave. Mica has been the band director for a number of years at Mission Avenue Elementary where he has built a strong band and jazz band program in the past 11 years. This fall he will take over the band program at Gold Trail School in Placerville. Mica received his degree from The University of the Pacific

Grant Parker has conducted the band since 1990. He has just retired after 18 years as Music Professor and Music Department Chair at Cosumnes River College. Parker was co-conductor of The Sacramento Valley Symphonic Band for their 1996 tour of Russia. He has conducted several local honor bands has served as the sight reading conductor for the CMEA Capitol Section Honor Band. He has also served as a clinician for festivals in the Central Valley and Northern Nevada. He is a wind and percussion adjudicator for the Music Teachers Association of California. Mr. Parker received his Masters in Wind Band Conducting from CSU Sacramento where he studied under Dr. Robert Halseth. Previous teaching positions include El Dorado HS (1990-2001), Mira Loma HS (1985-90), CSU Sacramento (Grad. Asst. 1983-87) and Folsom HS (1981-83). Mr. Parker is a member of the College Band Director's National Association, The Music Association of California Community Colleges, The California Music Educator's Association and is a Past President of The California Music Educators Association Capitol Section. As a performer Mr. Parker has been a member of this ensemble, The Camelia Symphony Orchestra and since 1981 has been lead trumpet of The Fred Morgan Big Band which he become director of in 2014.

Don't forget to PRACTICE AT HOME !

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  • Whenever possible men's and women's sizes will be available.

  • The color, fabric and style of the shirt will be decided by the SCB Council members and all others involved.

  • All band members officially enrolled in the class are to receive a shirt free of charge.

  • Shirts given to band members free of charge are to be returned should a band member leave the ensemble.

  • Members may purchase a shirt at a cost set by the SCB Council, in which case the shirt becomes the permanent property of the band member.

  • If a change in color, style or design occurs, members should plan to return the shirt for a no cost replacement.

  • A shirt that is replaced because of damage or a size change is free of charge the first time. A second replacement will be available at a cost determined by the SCB Council.

  • Shirts are to be provided for temporary band members who will be expected to return them.

PS: And remember to practice at Home!!

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Sacramento Concert Band Contacts

Grant Parker

Jill Somers

Grant Parker



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Here are the Minutes of SCB Council Meetings and other Band business.

The Sacramento Concert Band is an adult education class of the member of the San Juan Unified School District, is a member of The Sacramento Valley Symphonic Band Association and the Association of Concert Bands.   Grant Parker, Director

Jill Somers, Council President

Grant Parker, Website Updates