John Ousley

John Ousley is one of the three co-founding members of Corner B Productions, named after his boyhood farm that was located on the corner of Bader Road that housed a substantial number of Apiology colonies. Raised as a botanist, he changed direstions to more artistic pursuits in the secondary portion of his education. Successful in the private sector, redirection to music education became his second career passion. Starting a competitive music program from inception, he developed a championship group of ensembles that garnered a significant number of awards for a 12-year run. In retirement, movement toward cinematic and wind ensemble composing is now at the forefront of his endeavors, the latest being "Symphony of Classic Redwoods," Portraits for Wind Ensemble, a lifelong work. Currently in collaboration with the creative forces at Corner B, the next short feature "Lizard and Crow" expands on the cultural horizon of the company.